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Electric Car Charging Stations Supplier Ev Charger for Home Manufacture


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Installation Method:Wall-mounted, column (optional) column requires additional instructions

Rated Power:7KW

Charging Mode:APP(QRCode)&RFID(Online card)、Plug &Charge、RFID

Size(H * W * D):470*300*150mm

Weight:7kg(Without column)

Input Voltage:Three-phase AC380V 50/60Hz(L1+L2+L3+N+PE)

Input Current:Each phase 0~32A

Input Interface:Three-phase power, Ethernet, reserved CAN terminal

Leakage Protection:Type B RCD 30mA + 6mA

Output voltage:AC 380V±20%(ABC+N+PE)

Output Current:Each phase 0-32A

Number of Plug:1

Charging Connection Method:
1、Connection method C (plug version)

2、Connection method B (socket version)

Plug Wire Length:5m(customizable)

Plug Standard:Type-2

LED:LED Status light

Protection Level:IP65

Operating Temperature:below 20℃~60℃

Relative Humidity:5%~95%,No condensation

Altitude:≥10000 times

Safety Protection:Over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over temperature protection, type B leakage



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