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Swimming Pool Tempered Glass Spigot Fencing

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About customization service products,customer reception procedure usually is as following:
1/Know about your basic requirements to confirm the style,the material,the finish,the dimension and your quantity;
2/Send you a first version quotation;
3/Further discuss about the feasible solution according to your budget and delievery time requirement until satisfied, update the quotation as per your most satisfied solution;
4/50% deposit to confirm the order;
5/Supply you 2D/3D drawing to confirm every details,update the final quotation;
6/ Arrange the production;
7/Finish the balance payment;
8/Deliver the goods.
9/After sales service follow up
With your continuous trust and support,I think there is no problem we can find your most satisfied solution in the end.


Balustrade height : 1000mm to 1200mm

Material : 304 /316 s.s./Aluminum/Carbon Steel

Finish : Mirror/Satin/Anodized/Powder Coated/Wood Grain Transfer/Electroplate,etc.

Post size : 40*40*160mm/50*50*200mm/50*32*142mm/Dia42*160mm/Dia50*200mm/Custom

Glass options : Clear or  Frosted , Tinted.etc.

Glass thickness : 12-21.75mm

Base shoe : Alumium/Custom

Compatible fixings : Wood, Metal, Brick & Concrete

Install accessories : All included

Installation : Embedded, side mount, deck mount







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