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Multi-function Portable EV Charger with 4KWH Battery

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  1. It’s a “smart” charger on wheels which designed for simplicity, affordability and appeal,no bigger than a compact suitcase;
  2. The removable portable independent charger with built in battery end range anxiety for every electric vehicle owner;
  3. This is a wireless ev charger which can charge your electric vehicles any where when your park remotely when power is interrupted;
  4. Grid-free charging means worry-free charging,3.84kwh usually can support your electric car go more 20 km-30 km,which is sufficient for everyday needs and enough for the average commute,also enough for you to find the electric charging stations;
  5. It’s a portable powerbank which enable the storage of clean energy,flexible and convenient charging solution if you don’t have designated parking,works with any plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle with a Type 2 socket,also can work for your home electric appliances;
The EV market is growing faster than predicted,This kind of portable battery for Electric Car Charger will help you occupy your market very fast.

Model DL-2415OBXDY-01
Battery Capacity 3.84kwh
Battery Type Lithium Ion
AC Power 4kw
AC charging 220V
Size 509*306*459mm
Weight 42kg


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