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Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with Quick Charging Case


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*Solution: Realtek V5.0

*Play time: 5.5 hrs

*Standby time: 240 hrs

*Charging time: about 1 hr

*Distance: 10m

*Battery: Headphone 50mah/Charging base 450mah


 Following situations need to reset the earbuds
1, Earbuds cannot be found by your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices
2, Only one earphone has sound
3, Earbuds sounds are out of sync

And this is the reset steps or you can search “K7 earbuds reset” on Youtube to follow the Demo video:

1, Delete the Bluetooth device named “K7” in your phone
2, First need to turn off the power, while long pressing the power button of 2 earbuds for about 2 seconds, the earbuds will turn off after red indicator light lighting 0.5 seconds.
3, In the off state (after completing step 2, do not put back the charging case), while long pressing 2 earbuds power button for 10-12 seconds, The indicator will change. First the blue indicator flashes 2 times, Don’t relax your fingers before The red indicator flashes 4 times. And then the Headphone reset is complete.
4, After the reset, connect your earbuds as the first time put the product back into the charging case and pick up, or long press power Butten 2 seconds. search for Bluetooth and connect the name to the “K7” device. All the steps need to be forthputting on 2 earbuds at the same time. Do not reset alone please.

Additional information


with indicator light, without indicator light

Chipset Solution

Jieli, Realtek


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